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Realm Aratari


Dagorhir's Founding Chapter!

Dark Age Europe meets Tolkien's Middle Earth in an 

Our organization's name, Dagorhir, is derived from Tolkien's Sindarin tongue, and it translates as "Battle Lords". Our chapter's name is derived from J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion:

Aratar:  'The Exalted'
"Among [the Valar] Nine were of chief power and reverence;
but one is removed from their number, and Eight remain,
the Aratar, the High Ones of Arda..."
                      - Valaquenta

This web page is dedicated to the Dagorhir Aratari, the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC area chapter in the mid-Atlantic coast region of the USA. In the image of the original Dagorhir concept, our group contains members with both historical interests and fantasy interests.

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