Battles & Events

(New date  : Mayhem: May 6th – 8th @ Patuxent 4H

Schedule of 2022-2022 Aratari Events:

Most events have check-in from 11 to 12 with fighting starting at 12.  Check the events below for exact check-in time, date, and location.


Events with “*” are awaiting confirmation from venues or staff.

Day battle:  Canceled due to weather


Aratari Tournaments: Febuary 26th @Roundtree Park  


(Location just updated, please double check!)*Cloverwales: March 19th @Roundtree Park  *


Day battle: April 9th @ Dunkirk Park


*Gates of Fire: April 29th – May 1st @ Mtn. Pines campground*


Mayhem: May 6th – 8th @ Patuxent 4H Club


Pre-Rag: June 4th @ Lake Needwood 


*Ragnarok: June 19th – 26th @Coopers Lake *


Day Battle: July 16th @Roundtree Park  


Koom Valley: August 13th @   Spring Mill Field Center 


*Althyng: August 26th – 28th @ Patuxent 4H Club *


Teutoburg Forest: September 15th – 18th @ Mtn. Run winery 


Battle of the Chesapeake: October 1st @ Dunkirk Park


Halloween Monster Bash:  October 22nd @  Redland Middle School


Post Thanksgiving battle: November 26th @ Lake Needwood 


Saturnalia: December 17th @Roundtree Park  


Dead dog hangover battle:  January 1st 2023 @  Redland Middle School



Past battle locations below:

 Cloverdale Park 

 Mountain Pines

Patuxent 4H Club

Coopers Lake